The "PGF" aims to support and promote sportsmanship, health, education, culture, environmental awareness, and sustainable development. These areas reflect Pavlos Giannakopoulos’s interests and the sectors in which he was distinguished throughout his life.


In particular, the Foundation seeks to promote physical exercise and physical education among young people, as well as sportsmanship in Greece and abroad.


To foster education and facilitate access to education, the Foundation funds students of all ages and upgrades school equipment across the country. In addition, it grants scholarships to students in scientific fields and sectors relevant to the Foundation's mission.


In the health sector, support is provided to medical research, financial aids are offered to patients who cannot afford treatment costs, chronically ill patients, and vulnerable social groups, while also public healthcare facilities are upgraded.


The "PGF" aims to disseminate Greek culture, literature, and art by organising events, supporting institutions, and cooperating with cultural agencies. It also endorses research, initiatives, or events relating to History, particularly Greek History.

Last but not least, to safeguard future generations, the “PGF” promotes sustainable development, supporting initiatives, organisations, and events that raise environmental awareness.

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