The present website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") belongs to the Foundation under the name "PAVLOS D. GIANNAKOPOULOS FOUNDATION" located in Maroussi at 2 Eucalypton Street & Penteli Street (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation").

Our Foundation takes the necessary measures to fully ensure your privacy and the security of your data, in full compliance with the applicable European and national legislation. This Privacy Statement (hereinafter the “Statement”) applies to personal information held by our Foundation and its affiliated companies, as 'data controllers', as described below. This Statement sets out and explains what information we collect about you, how we will use that information, if and with whom we will share it, when we will share it, and how we will ensure that it remains private and secure. This Statement continues to apply even if you cease to be a member of our Foundation and in the event that your data is otherwise entered into our information system. It should also be read in conjunction with the Terms of Use - Privacy Policy posted on .

This Privacy Statement covers any relationship you have with us.

Why do we collect the information

The main purpose of processing your personal data is to comply with the law, the operation of our Foundation and its compliance with the regulatory framework. We also collect your data for the purposes of communicating with you, informing you about scholarships, donations, offers provided by our Foundation, informing you about our news and activities, communication which is based on your free consent. Withdrawal of consent can be requested at any time, by submitting the relevant request by sending the relevant message on our website using the special contact form.

Which information do we collect

Our Foundation collects mainly information that you have provided to us (as required by law) such as personal data, e.g. name, gender, date and place of birth, social security number, tax identification number, contact details, e.g. postal address, email address, phone numbers, identity card or passport details, nationality. Also, login and user registration data, e.g. authenticated login details for online applications and other information about you that you provide to us by filling in forms or by contacting us, whether in person or by telephone or email or online or otherwise (e.g. by proxy).

In addition, we keep records of correspondence and other communications between us, including email, face-to-face communications, instant messages and social media communications.

Finally, we process information that we need to fulfil our regulatory obligations in accordance with the law, as amended and in force.

The use of your information

Our Foundation will only use your information either when we have your consent or we have another legitimate reason for using it. Legitimate reasons for using your information include, but are not limited to, situations where:

it is necessary to pursue our legitimate interests,

it is necessary for us to process the information to provide a service or more generally to perform our contractual obligations with you,

it is necessary for us to process the information to comply with a legal obligation,

we consider that using your information as described is in the public interest, for example for the purpose of preventing or detecting criminal offences.

In addition, we use your data in order to:

  • investigate and resolve complaints,
  • ensure the security and continuity of our institution,
  • manage risks,
  • improve the products and services we provide or will create,
  • analyse data to better understand your preferences and to recommend targeted services of our Foundation through the sending of newsletters.

Recording your actions

We may record and keep a record of your conversations with us - including letters, emails, live chats or any other forms of communication. We may use these recordings to evaluate, analyse and improve our services, train our staff, manage risk or prevent and detect fraud and other criminal activity. We may also collect additional information about these communications, such as telephone numbers you call us from and information about the devices or software you use if required. We are required by law to give access to investigative, judicial or other competent authorities.

Marketing and market research

Any use of your personal information for marketing and market research purposes will be done with your prior consent. This consent may be withdrawn at any time. We may use your information to enable us to provide you with information about our Foundation's products and services and also products and services from our partners and other relevant third parties. We may send you marketing messages by mail, e-mail, telephone, text message or social media. You can change your mind about how you communicate with us about these messages or even choose to stop receiving them. To make this change, please contact us via the dedicated form on our website.

Please note that if you ask us to stop sending you promotional messages, we may need a short period of time to update our systems and records to respond to your request, during which time you may continue to receive relevant messages.

With whom we may share your data

As a general rule, our Foundation does not share the data it processes with third parties. However, we may share your information with others where this is required by law or is necessary for us to provide you (or third parties to provide you on our behalf) with products or services that you have requested.

We may also share your information where this is necessary in connection with regulatory compliance reporting, litigation, or asserting or defending our Foundation's legal rights and interests.

We share your personal information with third parties when we have a legitimate and lawful business reason to do so e.g. to verify your identity, to facilitate a company providing you with the services you have requested, or to assess your suitability for the products or services you have requested.

Finally, we share your information when you have been asked for permission to share this information and you have agreed.

Reasons for which we may share your data with third parties

We may share your information with third parties for other purposes such as with affiliated companies and any subcontractors, agents or service providers who work for us or provide services to us. We may also share your information with governmental bodies and agencies, courts, our supervisory and regulatory bodies, our auditors and anyone else who has been appointed, or requested, by our supervisory and regulatory bodies to conduct investigations or audits of our operations. Finally, we may share your information with other parties involved in disputes, including any disputed transactions.

Time for which we keep your data

We retain your personal information for as long as required by the applicable regulatory framework. Generally, the period of time we keep your information is limited to three years, with the sole exception of marketing contact information which is kept for a period of five years.

Where required, we may retain your data for a longer period of time where this is required in order to comply with the regulatory framework.

Where we do not need to retain the information for this three year period, we may destroy, delete or anonymise the information immediately before then.

Safety of your data

Our Foundation has taken and implements a number of measures to keep your information safe and secure. These measures may include role-based access control as well as encryption or other forms of security. Our staff or third parties have been made aware of our institution's personal data security policy and we require them to comply with it by protecting your personal data to the highest degree.

Your rights

We inform you that you have the right of:

  • Access to your data,
  • Correction of your data in case of inaccuracy,
  • Deletion of your data in specific cases,
  • Restriction of the processing of your data,
  • Objection to the processing of your data,
  • Transfer of your data to a company,
  • Complain to the Data Protection Authority in the event of an unfortunate incident of a data breach.

Our Foundation will respond to your above requests within one (1) month of receipt, and this deadline may be extended by two (2) more months in exceptional cases, if additional time is required. 


The website is managed by the Foundation. We would like to inform you that for any issue you may have regarding the security of your data, as well as if you wish to receive more information or if you are not satisfied with the way your data is processed by our Foundation, you can contact us at the following telephone number: 210 3503103 and by email: Mr. Evangelos Desypris has been appointed as the person responsible for the protection of your data at our Foundation.

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